January 28 2005

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January 28th, 2005 (January 28 2005)DeathJim Capaldi, English singer and songwriter (born in 1944)
January 28th, 2005 (January 28 2005)DeathKaren Lancaume, French actress (suicide) (born in 1973)
January 28th, 2005 (January 28 2005)DeathJacques Villeret, French actor (born in 1951)
January 28th, 1985 (January 28 1985)BirthArnold Mvuemba, French footballer
January 28th, 1975 (January 28 1975)BirthDavid Zingler, American writer
January 28th, 1975 (January 28 1975)BirthAnne Montminy, Canadian Olympic diver
January 28th, 1975 (January 28 1975)BirthLee Latchford-Evans, English singer Evans Quotes
January 28th, 1975 (January 28 1975)BirthJunior Spivey, American baseball player
January 28th, 1975 (January 28 1975)BirthTerri Colombino, American Actress
January 28th, 1965 (January 28 1965)BirthLynda Boyd, American actress
January 28th, 1965 (January 28 1965)DeathTich Freeman, English cricketer (born in 1888)
January 28th, 1965 (January 28 1965)DeathMaxime Weygand, French soldier (born in 1867)
January 28th, 1955 (January 28 1955)BirthNicolas Sarkozy, President of France
January 28th, 1945 (January 28 1945)EventWorld War II: Supplies begin to reach the Republic of China over the newly reopened Burma Road.
January 28th, 1945 (January 28 1945)BirthRobert Wyatt, English musician
January 28th, 1935 (January 28 1935)EventIceland becomes the first Western country to legalize therapeutic abortion.
January 28th, 1935 (January 28 1935)BirthDavid Lodge, English authorDavid Lodge Quotes
January 28th, 1935 (January 28 1935)DeathMikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, Russian composer (born in 1859)
January 28th, 1915 (January 28 1915)EventAn act of the U.S. Congress creates the United States Coast Guard.
January 28th, 1915 (January 28 1915)DeathNikolay Umov, Russian physicist (born in 1846)
January 28th, 1865 (January 28 1865)BirthLala Lajpat Rai, Indian freedom fighter (died in 1928)
January 28th, 1865 (January 28 1865)BirthKaarlo Juho Stahlberg, first president of Finland (died in 1952)
January 28th, 1855 (January 28 1855)EventThe first locomotive runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on the Panama Railway.
January 28th, 1855 (January 28 1855)BirthWilliam Seward Burroughs I, American inventor (died in 1898)
January 28th, 1755 (January 28 1755)BirthSamuel Thomas von Sommering, German physician (died in 1830)
January 28th, 1225 (January 28 1225)BirthSaint Thomas Aquinas (died in 1274)Thomas Aquinas Quotes

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